Digital Transformation for the Modern Enterprise

Digital transformation has been a hot topic, but what is it, other than a buzzword?

Digital transformation is an oblique way of describing a simple, almost natural process. As time goes on, technology advances, and the ways in which we as humans do things evolve.

Common goals of digital transformation are:

  • Increased speed and efficiency
  • Gain Competitive Advantage
  • Maximize Revenue

A successful digital transformation empowers you to save time, increase organizational speed, create efficiencies, cut costs, and streamline your workflows.

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Typically, digital transformation means a move away from paper or legacy systems in favor of innovative digital alternatives. There are several different solutions that can be applied to achieve this.

Document Conversion

Paper is vulnerable, inert, and takes up space. During document conversion, all of your organization’s hardcopy documents, files, and records are scanned and converted into digital formats. This is done to protect and preserve your organization’s information. It also makes your documents searchable and actionable. This improves processes and consequently aids in maintaining compliance.
document conversion
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Digital Record Management

Once your documents have been digitized, you’ll need an effective way to store them. We offer document management solutions, including cloud-based software, that are tailored to your business’s unique record management needs. AI-powered organization and indexing plus an intelligent search function will improve organizational access.

Large Format Scanning

Preserve even the largest and most unwieldy documents with specialized large format document scanning solutions. Scan types are adjustable to meet your unique record keeping needs.
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Robotic Process Automation

RPA utilizes AI-powered bots to assess information to find its meaning and value and then automate low-grade tasks. RPA lets you improve accuracy, lighten the load, simplify project management, and expedite your processes by automating tasks like invoicing, payroll, software updates, onboarding, and so much more.

Digital Mailroom

Capture, process, and deliver time-sensitive information in one step using digital mailroom services. With a digital mailroom, all physical mail is sorted, scanned, and digitally distributed to the proper recipients. You’ll get your snail mail conveniently delivered to your email inbox or departmental shared drives. This makes maintaining a remote or hybrid workforce simple and ensures that everyone has immediate access to any important documents. Access physical mail from anywhere; securely and automatically route mail to employees; manage return mail more effectively; and deliver transactional data to the line of business.
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mobile forms

Electronic and Mobile Forms

Allow clients or staff to securely upload documents. Make everything from onboarding new employees to uploading sensitive data safe and simple. This solution is optimal for safely exchanging information with maximum security.

Microfilm and Microfiche

Microfilm and microfiche were great options for preserving documents and saving space in the past, but with superior digital alternatives available, your company may be ready to digitize these old rolls of film. Once digitized, these old records will be more accessible than ever.
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This is not, however, a comprehensive list. Scan-Optics also provides custom solutions to meet our client’s digital transformation needs.

Digital transformation
Digital transformation can be relevant to a wide variety of industries, offering different benefits and applications for each industry’s needs.

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Work Output

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Improve Regulatory Compliance

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