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Transform Your Insurance Operations with Digital Efficiency, Enhance Productivity, and Enjoy Remote Flexibility

Harness the benefits of digitization to modernize your insurance operations by transitioning all insurance-related documents and workflows to digital platforms. Embracing digitization simplifies record management and enhances the security of sensitive information.

If your insurance processes still rely on traditional paper documentation, you’re dealing with an extensive paper trail. Not only is paper-based management often less efficient, but it also consumes considerable physical space. Filing and retrieving these documents can be time-consuming, and locating a specific record when you need it might prove to be challenging, if not virtually impossible.

Save Time With Insurance Document Solutions From Scan-Optics

Discover how Scan-Optics can revolutionize your insurance operations. As your trusted partner in digital transformation, we offer tailored solutions for the insurance industry. Using our advanced AI-powered technology, easy.forward™, we expertly scan and convert your insurance documents into digital files with a remarkable 99.99% accuracy.

Insurance professionals can now streamline their processes, automate repetitive tasks, and focus on what truly matters: serving clients and managing insurance cases.

Our easy.forward™ Process Captures Your Documents Securely with 99.9% Accuracy


Unlocking Potential in the
Insurance Industry

Our personalized approach to digitization provides your agency with opportunities to:

    • Optimize and fortify all insurance document management processes.
    • Enhance the accessibility and convenience of insurance documents.
    • Expedite tasks such as policy drafting, contract management, and research.
    • Facilitate seamless document sharing and collaboration across different locations.
    • Digitize employee and client records for efficient storage, retrieval, and organization.
    • Lower operational costs by reducing the requirement for extensive storage space.

We’re prepared to complete document digitization journeys for both large agencies and smaller insurance agencies. 

Outsource Your Claims Processing for Faster Turnaround Times

Are you ready to trade in a massive document processing backlog for organized, repeatable processes that turn around poor customer reviews? Our business process outsourcing service helps insurers get greater operational flexibility, improve accuracy, exceed compliance and KPI goals, and vastly improve the customer experience. So, partner with us to reduce document handling costs, eliminate delays in claims processing, and reduce the cost per claim for your company.
What part of the claims processing management can you outsource? We are a Business processing outsource partner that can take over the duties of your claims department. We’re happy to handle all of your customer touchpoints and alleviate the administrative burden on your company. This includes account opening, payment processing, underwriting policies and processing claims.

Policyholders care about quick claims processing so that they can collect their insurance payout. By partnering with us you’ll improve your ability to work through each claim more efficiently. Our proprietary BPO software gives you operational transparency, fast resolutions, efficient data gathering, and reduced costs—which also improves your brand image.

The Benefits Of Digital Transformation For Insurance 

  • Quickly search and locate essential documents
  • Securely share insurance documents across various locations
  • Respond promptly to clients from virtually any location
  • Assign distinct access to confidential insurance records and communications
  • Guarantee the accuracy and consistency of insurance records
  • Streamline the storage and retrieval of insurance documents
  • Free up valuable floor and office space
  • Automate time-consuming tasks
  • Channel the valuable time and focus of insurance professionals into strategic efforts
  • Reduce administrative expenses
  • Safeguard adherence to compliance standards with precision

Types of Insurance Records to Digitize

  • Policy Documents
  • Claims Records
  • Customer Information
  • Underwriting Files
  • Payment Records
  • Legal Documents
  • Correspondence
  • Loss Histories
  • Regulatory Compliance Records
  • Financial Records
  • Employee Records
  • Health and Safety Records
  • Asset Records
  • Vendor and Supplier Records
  • Marketing and Sales Materials
  • Training and Educational Materials



Cost Reduction


Faster Processing Times


Reduced Risk of Error

Bring Your Organization Into The Digital Age

Beyond Documents…

Our digital transformation offerings are extensive. Scan-Optics has solutions to suit any issue of disorganized data management, inefficient business processes, or outdated recordkeeping systems.


Document Scanning


Book Scanning


Microfilm and
Microfiche Conversion


Aperture Card Conversion


Data Conversion


Digital Archiving


Documents and Records Management


Robotic Process Automation


Business Process Optimization


Digital Mailroom

Bring Your Organization Into The Digital Age

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