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Why Make the Digital Transition with Scan-Optics?

Paper-based systems and records are rapidly barreling toward obsolescence as digital alternatives become increasingly intelligent and effective. For organizations who have historically utilized hard-copy systems but are looking to move away from paper and its archaic limitations, document scanning services and digital archiving solutions are a great option.

Making the transition from pen and paper to a fully digital system is tricky and typically happens over time. It poses some logistical challenges, requires time and manpower investments, coupled with organizational buy-in for change.

At Scan-Optics, we offer document scanning services and digital archiving solutions that avoid the common pitfalls of the digital transformation. Our tried and true digitization process can seamlessly move your organization into the digital age without losing anything in the process.

So what does the Scan-Optics process look like?
It’s broken down into four steps.

1. We pick up your documents from your premises, prepare them, and scan them.

2. Our AI-powered easy.forward system reads and indexes your documents and their data, preparing them for easy migration or integration to the content management system of your choice.

3. We perform detailed data validation to verify the accuracy of all of the information we’ve collected from scanning your documents.

4. All digitized documents are checked for compliance and then integrated into your systems. With the document scanning complete, all that’s left is to ensure that you’re satisfied with your new, fully-automated digital document indexing system.

The Benefits of Document Scanning and Paper Archiving

Document scanning and digital archiving will provide your organization with innumerable benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Accurate data
  • Ease of data search and retrieval
  • A centralized document archive
  • Increased speed and efficiency
  • Improved customer service
  • Compliance with regulatory standards
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased operational flexibility
  • Heightened data security
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The Many Applications of our Scanning Services

Our document scanning services and digital archiving solutions are effective for:

  • General contracts
  • Healthcare records
  • Insurance documents
  • Education records
  • Physical mail
  • Correspondence
  • Financial documents
  • Invoices and statements
  • Work orders
  • Images
  • Books
  • Catalogs
  • Employment records
  • Government records
  • Microfilm and Microfiche
  • Aperture cards
  • Building Records
  • Permits
  • Historical maps

With our Easy Forward™ system, your documents are quickly and securely digitized into a database for instant access. Our process captures your information with 99.9% accuracy, improves your employees’ workflows, and locks down sensitive information, so only authorized users can access. After your hardcopy is converted, we’ll ensure you are confident with accessing those files. Our technicians are on standby, ready to answer your questions and troubleshoot, If you ever have a problem.

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