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At Scan-Optics, we provide document digitization services to both private and public institutions across all industries. Any organization with disorganized data management systems or outdated hard copy record keeping processes is a candidate for digitization with Scan-Optics.

 Our digitization services are extensive. We offer document scanning, digital archiving, microfilm conversion, robotic process automation, business process outsourcing, human capital management, digital mailroom, and access services. With so many different tools to customize any  digital transformation journey, whatever your industry, Scan-Optics can help optimize your data and processes.

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Our data management platform helps governments and municipalities streamline information management by eliminating the burdensome tasks of manually filing, storing, and accessing data. The result is an information system that promotes speed, security, efficiency, and accessibility—and thanks to business process outsourcing, it’s all accomplished completely externally. The best part? Our easy.forward™ data management and digitization services, including our digital mailroom and our RPA offerings, integrate with existing systems for instant access, consequently improving workflows and reducing operating costs.


Higher Education

Digitally converting your paper documents allows administrator, faculty, and students to easily share and access information on or off campus. Our intelligent data management solutions work with your existing systems and can help streamline a variety of tasks—from application and tuition processing to scholarships and administrative functions.


Research and Manufacturing

As a research or manufacturing organization, you likely produce physical documents for every product you make. The records that exist across a product lifecycle can easily be in the hundreds for each sku. Not only is filing and storing these documents time consuming, retrieving them quickly is difficult, at best.



If insurance is known for anything, it’s red tape and paperwork. Digitization allows you to minimize data entry, process claims quickly, and easily access comprehensive customer information. You can improve your document workflow to the benefit of your employees, your customers, and your bottom line.


Financial Services

Customers are used to fast, seamless user experiences and don’t have the patience to wait. Your organization’s slow manual keying, unstructured content, and disparate data silos aren’t providing the exceptional client experiences your organization strives for. Adhering to regulations, maintaining compliance, preventing fraud, and achieving higher liquidity levels quickly is also at the top of your list but it comes with mountains of business documents. With digitization, you’ll achieve enhanced productivity and processing while ensuring complete security.

With a portfolio of successfully completed document digitization journeys for companies and institutions including PepsiCo, American Express, and the Connecticut Department of Social Services, Scan-Optics is prepared and proven to digitize any organization that needs it.

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