Effective, efficient government begins with accurate and secure data

easy.forward™ Intelligent Data Management platform helps governments easily comply with information requests. Benefiting from cognitive AI technology, the system eliminates the burdensome task of manually compiling, organizing and arranging relevant data.

Our data-capturing software easily integrates within existing systems for instant, user-friendly accessibility and reduces the risk of human error while improving workflows and reducing costs.

Intelligent Data Management

Our easy.forward™ Intelligent Data Management system quickly scans and sorts documents, learning and improving its data-processing technique after each task with the perception and insight of human intelligence.


easy.forward™ can be integrated into an organization’s regular workflow, classifying and indexing your raw data, and making it easily accessible to users upon request.

Sensitive Data

easy.forward™ helps businesses uncover and identify documents within their unstructured data that contains personal information in need of management and protection.


easy.forward™ increases the safety of all stored data, allowing organizations to quickly respond to any vulnerabilities and security breaches.