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Bring Your School into the Digital Age

Explore the Benefits of Digital Transformation in an Educational Setting

Allow faculty, staff, administrators, and students to easily access information, both on campus and off. Our intelligent data management systems integrate with your existing technology for a seamless transition.

The Benefits of Digitizing

Streamline Your Workflow

Digital transformation makes operating a K-12 or higher educational institution smooth and simple.

  • Processing admissions and employee applications
  • Granting and distributing financial aid
  • Managing student, staff, and alumni records
  • Streamlining special education IEPs
  • Facilitating and organizing contracts
  • Filing payroll
  • Keeping record of transcripts
  • Maintaining schedules and syllabi
  • Student onboarding
  • Maintenance Records
  • Vendor management
  • Electronic and mobile forms
Digital Screen with Info

Managing student and faculty paperwork is a challenge, but it’s one that can easily be addressed by digital transformation. All of these processes and more can be fast, accurate, and easy when you partner with Scan-Optics.

Digitization Solutions Designed for Education

Not all digital transformation solutions will be right for your institution. Scan-Optics offers extensive digitization services, all of which are customized to your school, college, or university’s unique needs.

Document conversion

Convert paper files into digital formats for preservation. Free up office space and protect important information by making digital copies of all your physical documents.

Digital record management

Improve organization by digitally maintaining school records in content management platforms. Allow students, parents, faculty, and staff to easily access information from anywhere.

Electronic and mobile forms

Allow students or new hires to securely upload documents. Make everything from onboarding new employees to uploading transcripts safe and simple.

Robotic process automation

Automate tasks to improve accuracy and reduce workload. Lighten the load on departments like Human Resources, Financial Services and the Registrar’s office by automating payroll, course selection, onboarding, and more.

Digital mailroom

Access physical mail from anywhere using your email inbox. With a digital mailroom, you can securely and automatically route mail to employees; manage return mail more effectively; and deliver transactional data to the line of business.

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Types of Educational
Records to Digitize

  • Student Records
  • Special Education Files
  • Transcripts and Grade Reports
  • Registrar and Admission Files
  • Historical Books and Newspapers
  • Human Resources Files
  • Payroll Files
  • Financial Aid Applications
  • Microfilm and Microfiche
  • Videotapes & Audio Cassettes
  • Student Publications (Yearbooks / Newspapers)
  • Books

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Educational institutions that switch from paper document processing to digital experience

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Your Students Are Ready. Are You?

Today’s students are tech-savvy and it’s time for their schools and universities to catch up. Leave behind your disorganized data management, cumbersome paper systems, and outdated recordkeeping practices. Digital transformation with Scan-Optics promises fast and accurate data processing, data analysis that yields valuable insights, a single centralized data storage location, increased independence from tech support services, and savings in both time and money.

Ready to See For Yourself?

Any company can make claims about its services. Scan-Optics has the experience to prove ours are true. Our work with the 17 schools under the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities umbrella revolutionized their document processing power, streamlined their hiring process, and made it easy for students to access COVID-19 relief grants.

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Bring Your School into the Digital Age

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