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Digitally converting your paper documents allows administrators and faculty to easily share and access information on or off campus. Our intelligent data management solution works with your existing systems and can help streamline a variety of tasks—from application and tuition processing to scholarships and administrative functions.

  • Quickly and Accurately Processing Data

  • Centralizing Data Location

  • Saving Time

  • Reduced Reliance on Tech Support

  • Data Insights and Analysis

Create a SMARTER data management system…

Higher education institutions have some of the most sophisticated document management needs of any industry. From applications to alumni records and enrollment documents, information and data is the lifeblood of the university. While there are many digital information processes that exist inside higher ed, far too many of them still exist in hardcopy. For example, there are many departments that are still using paper and filing cabinets to store important information like personnel records, fundraising data, transcripts, invoices, etc. Not only does this pose a security risk, this is a very inefficient way to search for and retrieve information and respond to inquiries.

Types of Educational
Records to Digitize

• Student Records
• Administrative and Payroll Files
• Invoices and Receipts
• Admission and Financial Aid Applications
• Diploma and Alumni Records
• Contracts
• Scholarship and Grant Documents
• Class Schedules
• Transcripts and Test Scores

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