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Migrate data with confidence and access everything in one place — finally!

It’s time to escape the limitations of outdated data management systems with a personalized cloud data migration from the experts at Scan-Optics.

Our data migration process streamlines every step of the transition from paper or legacy systems into a unified database in the cloud. From high-volume data transfers to file conversions and the integration of multiple systems, we’ve got your back. Once all of your data is in one place (from both physical and digital sources), you can reap the full benefits of modern data management.

Our Data Migration Solutions

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Data Conversion

Our expert team will carefully convert or adapt your data from diverse original formats, file types, or structures to new ones that specifically suit your target system’s requirements.


Data Transfer

Transferring high volumes of data from one system to another requires experience and reliability. We migrate files from source systems to their destination with high accuracy.

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Data Integration

Scan-Optics combines and consolidates data from multiple sources or systems into a unified view or format. We ensure all data is merged and harmonized in the target system.

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Database Migration

It takes an expert partner to migrate from one database management system (DBMS) to another. We’ll move both the structural schema and the data into your new DBMS.


System Migration/Platform Migration

We’ll migrate data and applications from one system or platform to another — whether it’s on-premises servers to cloud-based systems or from one cloud provider to another.

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Document Conversion

Have paper files, physical archives, or other legacy media in need of conversion? We can migrate this data into more unified, structured, and useful digital formats as well.

The Data Migration Process

Scan-Optics works with a multitude of formats to help your organization efficiently digitize legacy digital and paper files. This is the step-by-step process we follow to ensure data integrity and team alignment throughout your end-to-end data migration:

1. The Scan-Optics team begins with a data migration consulting process. This helps us identify the unique and personalized approach we will need to take. Together, we’ll establish what files need to be migrated as well as what access levels will be needed.
2. In collaboration with all stakeholders, our team then develops a clear plan to efficiently migrate digital files and digitize any non-digital files (if needed).
3. Your data will be extracted, cleaned up, and reformatted if necessary to match the needs of the target system.
4. We’ll import all of this processed and organized data into the target system and verify that the information is accurate.
5. Scan-Optics provides ongoing support to ensure your data migration process is successful and operations are not disrupted.

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The service provider you choose for legacy system migration can make or break your results. Avoid common pitfalls of a poor match, such as delays, workflow disruptions, or errors in transfer by working with proven data migration experts. A proper digitization and data migration with Scan-Optics increases productivity and reduces operational costs.

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