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How the Scan-Optics digitization process can be applied to help government agencies better support the citizens they serve.

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The three primary operational objectives of any government agency are to operate

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On any level—federal, state, or city—a government agency must function smoothly in order to fulfill its mission of serving the public and meeting the needs of citizens. A document management system, digital mailroom, or other digital transformation solutions eliminates cumbersome paperwork, streamlines workflows, and equips government agencies to better serve citizens. Governments handle everything from vital records to zoning permits; organized digital solutions make managing that wide scope of demands simple.

Digital Transformation Solutions for Government Agencies

There’s a reason so many compliance legislators are urging government agencies to free up physical space and improve the security of their files by digitizing paper documents. Sensitive or classified information is all too often stored as a paper document in a relatively accessible location. To access that classified information, any criminal entity would only need to get to a few pieces of paper which they could steal, alter, or destroy.  Many local, state, and federal government agency offices still rely on paper documents in physical filing systems despite the more secure options that are readily available.

 With a secure system of digitized documents, you can keep all of that classified information safe. An experienced team of digital transformation experts can digitize all paper documents and save them securely in an easily searchable database that integrates with your existing digital systems. Digitizing your paper documents ensures heightened accessibility to those who should have access—and heightened security against those who don’t.

Scan-Optics offers extensive digitization services, all of which are customized to each client’s unique digital transformation needs.

Beyond Documents…

Our digital transformation offerings are extensive. Scan-Optics has solutions to suit any issue of disorganized data management, inefficient business processes, or outdated recordkeeping systems.


Document Scanning


Book Scanning


Microfilm and
Microfiche Conversion


Aperture Card Conversion


Data Conversion


Digital Archiving


Documents and Records Management


Robotic Process Automation


Business Process Optimization


Digital Mailroom

Scan-Optics is the digital transformation partner you need, with the experience to ensure you achieve both objectives promptly, accurately, and fully. We’ll enable you to improve workflows and increase security while reducing operating costs and improving service.

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Government Use Cases:

  • Acquisition and Procurement
  • Document Processing
  • ID Verification
  • Audit Automation
  • Invoice Processing
  • Archive Long-Term Documents
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Eligibility Verification
  • Case Management
  • COVID-19 Data
  • Tax Information and Forms
  • Data Entry
  • Benefit and Claims Processing
  • Digital Mailroom
  • Digital License Registration
  • License Renewals
  • Digital Permitting

Document Types:

  • Business Licenses
  • Vital records, including birth, marriage, and death records
  • Tax Information and Forms
  • Personnel Files
  • Building Permits
  • Tenant Files
  • Financial Records
  • Land Records
  • Zoning Documents
  • Public Record Requests
  • Historical City Records
  • Housing Authority Files
  • Police and Fire Department Reports
  • Meeting Minutes

The Benefits of Digital Transformation

Improve security, streamline your processes, and satisfy your taxpayers by making efficient use of their money.


Reduction in Document Processing


Reduction in Operating Costs


of Digital Transformation Efforts Result in Data Breaches Without Expert Assistance

Why Bother With Digital Transformation?

It offers a number of significant solutions.

• Manage your documents in a centralized system

Don’t worry about keeping track of paper documents or jumping from one department’s system to another to find everything you need. A document management system makes it easy to find whatever you need just by searching.

• Simplify your processes and optimize your workflows

With legacy systems, you wind up wasting time on nonessential work. Centralized storage and automation will take the busywork out of your day so that you can focus on working efficiently and productively.

• Avoid document duplication and maintain organized records

With paper filing systems or inefficient digital filing and naming conventions, it’s easy to lose documents, keep things that aren’t important, or save duplicates that confuse your team. Digitization offers simplicity and organization.

• Accelerate your response times for an improved service experience

Less time spent searching for files, entering data, and organizing records leaves more time for cultivating a positive and focused service experience. Quickly and kindly meet the needs of the citizens your office serves by delegating menial tasks to your tech stack.

• Protect your information by limiting access to sensitive documents

Any government agency has a lot to protect. Encrypt and password protect any sensitive, classified, or confidential information to keep your data safe.

• Easily track and manage digital documents with version control

In large organizations, it’s easy to lose track of project status and ownership. Version control makes it straightforward to keep your projects and timelines on track by increasing transparency and holding everyone accountable.

• Obtain remote and mobile access to your files

We all work from our phones and our homes more than we ever have before. Don’t tie yourself to an outdated, location-dependent filing system. Digital document management gives you access from anywhere and everywhere.

• Integrate newly digital files with your existing systems for easy transition

Learning an entirely new system can be a huge undertaking and it’s one you shouldn’t have to bother with if you don’t need to. Make the systems you already have work for you in a new way by integrating the old with the new.

• Limit your manual data entry

Data entry is time-consuming work that can easily be automated to lighten your load and give you more time to focus on other tasks.

• Improve your vendor contract management

Managing, negotiating, and renegotiating your vendor contracts is a complicated and time-consuming process. Digital documents simplify and expedite the back-and-forth process and provide a clear record of any changes.

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The Scan-Optics digitization process has four parts:

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With every digital transformation initiative we undertake, we assess the client’s unique needs, design a custom digital solution, activate the new systems and all their potential, and support our client as needed on an ongoing basis.

Regardless of what branch, level, department, or agency you work for, Scan-Optics has the experience to help you.

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