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Scanoptics is the place to go for your government document management needs. The easy.forward intelligent data management platform uses artificial intelligence technology to compile, organize, and arrange government documents. It quickly scans and sorts documents to process the data with precision and insight. Easy.forward classifies and indexes government documents to find them easily. Personal information in any of the government documents is carefully managed and protected. It makes it easier for Scanoptics to handle any vulnerabilities or security breaches.

Easy.forward eliminates the need to handle sensitive information manually, such as government documents. It easily connects to existing systems for instant access to government documents by its users. It also reduces the risk of human errors, improves workflow, and reduces costs associated with managing government documents. Government documents are secured with 99.9% accuracy.

First, government documents are placed in your company's easy folder. Paper documents can be scanned, and you can drag and drop emails, electronic taxes, and other electronic files. The government records are then captured and transformed into searchable documents. Then the government documents are formatted for delivery.

Scanoptics will let you know when the government documents become available. Once you have the documents, feel free to print, email, download, export, and import them into your system. Use real-time dashboards to monitor the entire process. Depending on your government document project's size and complexity, the process can be done in as little as two hours.

Digitally managing government documents will help your company reach five goals;

  • It analyzes data on government documents to make cost-saving mitigation and deletion choices
  • Auto-encryption, access control, and retention schedules classify government document data to make sure it meets your company's compliance requirements
  • It migrates, retains, and releases government document data to be retained, archived, or deleted
  • It monitors government document data to make sure your company's rules and policies are being followed
  • It generates audit-proof reporting

Scanoptics wants to make your agency's information easy to find in an easy to use and budget-friendly system that is easy.forward. Properly managing government documents also benefits taxpayers because it improves the customer experience. The United States Digital Services act of 2014 has made it much easier for government websites and digital initiatives to run smoothly and safely.

The document management programs offered at Scanoptics allows employees to share information and collaborate safely. Your company will be able to track who is accessing the government document at what time and for what reason. Your employees can focus on more important tasks because you cannot search for and manage information. Our document management programs will not interfere with your company's current routines.

Paper is not the only information government agencies are digitizing. Microfilm and microfiche are just a couple of other documents that can be digitized. Scanoptics helps all kinds of government agencies manage documents; public safety, law enforcement, social services, health facilities, and motor vehicle divisions, to name a few.

For more information, please call 1-800-745-6001. You can also fill out your information on the contact page. Schedule a free government document assessment.

Government Document Management
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