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Regardless of the size of the organization, top-of-the-line management of correspondence is essential for business success. However, usually managing your mail manually becomes a real challenge. It is best to use state-of-the-art technology to do top digital mailroom automation.

For mailroom automation to be successful, it must be efficient, organized, and secure. This is almost impossible in most organizations unless you invest significantly. The wisest thing to do is to hire top-of-the-line digital mailroom services, like the ones we offer at Scan Optics. It is essential that you learn more about our service, so you can see why we are your ideal choice.

Why Choose Scan Optics' Digital Mailroom Automation Service?

The Best Technology

We offer the automation of your mailroom with an efficient, secure, and straightforward process. To do so, we use our flagship intelligent data management solution: easy.forward™. Our tool will manage your mail using advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. In other words, it will not only apply intelligent methods for mail sorting, but it will learn and improve with each task. This way we can provide you a service with 99.9% accuracy.

Get More Benefits

With Scan Optics' finest document processing automation & mail processing, you'll gain a variety of benefits. You will be able to boost productivity since your staff will always have the information at hand. Also, we will accelerate your response times, significantly increasing customer, supplier, and creditor satisfaction levels.

With the support of easy.forward™, you will significantly reduce human error in the management of your correspondence. This will make your company more efficient and effective, thus improving your processes. Besides, with our top-notch mailroom automating system you will avoid typical inconveniences such as lost documents and late deliveries.

Save With Scan Optics

By using the greatest automated mailroom service we offer, you will be able to reduce a variety of operational costs for your mail management. You will reduce your mail delivery costs, and you won't have to make large investments to digitize your mail. You will have a state-of-the-art management system at a fraction of the cost of an in-house implementation.

Straightforward Process

It's easy to achieve top-notch mail management with easy.forward™ and Scan Optics' team of specialists. We have a 4-phase process. First, we do the Processing, which includes mail receiving and inventory, sorting & packaging, and documentation preparation. Then comes the Digitization process, in which the information is scanned and captured, under the strictest quality control.

Next, in the Access phase, is when your staff can access the mailing information digitally. They will be able to access the data with advanced search capabilities, you can parameterize custom access protocols and establish which emails will go to the secure hosted storage. Finally, the process culminates with Storage, where you decide whether you want to save the information in the cloud, physically or securely destroy it.

We Boost Your Business in the Pandemic

Understanding the new reality of our planet after the appearance of COVID-19, we have activated the greatest contingency protocol so you can stay open and running. With our Mission-Critical Mailroom service, you will be able to manage your mail with maximum biosecurity, protecting the health of your staff, customers, suppliers, and creditors. If you want the most extraordinary digital solution for your mail, we are the best choice. Contact Scan Optics for the best intelligent data management, software support help desk, or access services dispatch.

Digital Mailroom Automation
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