Social Services Mailroom Automation and Easy Data Solution


When the project began, this state agency was 53rd in the nation (or last, out of all 50 states and 3 territories) for federally-mandated response time. After implementing our solution, they have improved to number one in the region, and as high as second in the nation. The scope of services includes daily processing of eligibility applications and supporting documents, totaling approximately 1.1 million multi-page transactions annually. There were two SLA requirements for this project: all incoming mail needed be processed and transmitted within 2 business days, and priority forms were to be completed within 2 hours.

Solution Provided

We provided full mailroom automation for applications received via Post Office pickup, UPS mailing, fax and electronic submission, including chain of custody tracking, document preparation, scanning, snippet keying and data perfection by knowledge workers. Images and data file were delivered twice daily via secure VPN connection for ingestion into ConneCT and ImpaCT, client’s management system. We regularly worked with the agency to improve setup and delivery methods.

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We also collaborated with the client to uncover ways that we can decrease their cycle time and provide their clients with expedited processing of applications. Currently, we are deployed in three of their offices for remote scanning, reducing response time from 48 to 24 hours. Our remote scanning solution includes providing them production scanners, training of their staff members, and on-going support and maintenance services. All the documents that are scanned at these remote locations are sent daily via secure VPN for electronic processing, including indexing, document classification, delivery and integration.

Another way in which we improved processing and decreased cycle time is through form design. The client had over 350 nonstandard forms that required processing. In working with them, we helped redesign and standardize their forms. This allowed us to optimize data capture and accuracy through improvements such as barcodes, structured data fields, and web forms. The addition of web forms has also allowed for the replacement of fax submission for priority forms, which reduces potential downtime and transfer interference.